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A good looking concealed carry purse can hold more than a gun
November 13, 2009, 2:55 am
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Kate and Carol

Kate (below) and I have always been close. We love our concealed carry purse business because it let's us work together and be creative.

My sister Kate called me one day and said she had a great idea! Of course I was interested. About 3 months earlier my husband and I had just spent a month vacationing with she and her husband. We both had sold our companies in the past year after about 15 years of building them from the ground up and were just having some down time.

She told me about her idea for concealed carry purses because she couldn’t find one in stores or on the internet that she would like to use. She wanted them to be beautiful, high quality and in lovely colors. We joined forces to create our company. Since it was her idea she is the majority partner but what a pleasure to be in business with a dear sister.

I don’t carry a concealed weapon, and I may never, but I am concerned about safety. My mind went racing to all the other uses one could put this purse to work for. I’d recently had an experience with my little 3 year old granddaughter who can climb like spider man. While visiting their family to help with the arrival of another of my 22 grandchildren, my little “grand” climbed up on the counter and got into the top shelf of the medicine cabinet where she got my asthma inhaler. She had watched me use it and since she is so bright and charming she had no problem emptying the whole disc. Thankfully she didn’t inhale any of it as far as we could tell–but she was awfully bouncey for awhile!. That disc cost me $258 and she emptied most of it! I could have bought a beautiful new bag for those $$$. It was a hassle to get the prescription refilled. Just think how nice it is now that I can keep my medication locked in my bag where NO one can get it except me.

I remembered back to my younger years when I’d had a migraine headache and was hospitalized. The doctor told me that he could give me some medication that would help with the headaches but if my 3 small children ever got hold of it it could be deadly for them. I elected to take my chances with the migraines and not have the prescription filled. If I’d had a lock on my purse back then I maybe could have made another decision. I have two granddaughters that are diabetic. One has two little children so I’m so glad that she has the option of keeping her syringes locked in her purse away from her little ones. The other grand is in high school and needs to keep her syringes away from mischievous friends.

In my previous business I was always taking deposits to the bank. I would have loved to have had them locked up. Even now when I’m on an airplane I keep my ID, cash, keys locked up because the restrooms are so small and especially if I’m helping my little “grands” there isn’t room for the purse in the restroom also. Someone probably wouldn’t steal a purse on a plane but it would be very easy to pickpocket it if your items weren’t locked safely away, even while you were dosing. When I worked in a busy office i used to worry about leaving my purse unattended at my desk when I had a meeting in the conference room.

I keep thinking up new uses for the concealed compartment and love that it is inside a beautiful, Italian leather purse that is beautifully styled and exceptionally functional.

– Carol


The perfect handbag for my concealed carry didn’t exist, so I designed one
November 9, 2009, 4:16 pm
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Kate Woolestenhulme and the Glacier bag in Shiny Silver

Once of my favorite bags in our collection is the Glacier bag. I chose it in Shiny Silver.

My friends and family ask, how in the world did you end up in the handbag business?  Here is how the story begins.  I think it will turn out to be a full novel with lots of interesting chapters.

Last December, like many other American citizens, my husband and I applied for a Concealed Carry Permit and purchased handguns.  While awaiting the paperwork process for the permit, I began searching for handbags designed for concealed carry.
I live in a hot climate and sundresses make up my normal attire so on-body carry with a holster was not an option for me.  I was also reluctant to give up the assortment of handbags I’ve collected which match my wardrobe, but I thought I’d at least start with one new purchase.
After lengthy internet searches it became apparent that the style choices were quite limited and that most offerings were black, or maybe brown.  Those colors may be Big City Chic in most parts of the country, but not in Miami.
Every fashion magazine is brimming with handbags of every description and price range, and department stores and boutiques are crowded with options so I started looking there for something that might work.
My only requirement was an easily accessible outside pocket large enough for the gun.  Because I’m not often around children a lock was not critical.
I truly looked at a thousand great looking handbags but could find nothing that met the requirement. There were double patch pockets, but they were too small.  There were pockets on each end, ditto.  There were pockets with big buckles – way too heavy.  The sales associates and “eyes in the sky” must have wondered at my motives for handling so many bags and lingering so long but never making a purchase.
After a few trips like this, it seemed to be a waste of time just “shopping” so I was getting pretty discouraged and disappointed at not finding what I was looking for.
That was when the lightbulb came on!  I rushed home to tell Roger that I wasn’t going to buy a concealed carry handbag, I was going to make a business of it.
It is obvious that the handbag business is fiercely competitive, but I thought that if I could not find what I was looking for then there must be a lot of women out there with the same problem.
I’ve never been a Purse Snob or even considered renting one to make a special impression, but I soon became obsessed with looking at the handbags that women were carrying.
Stay tuned, it has been an interesting process to move from needing one handbag to ordering them by the hundreds.

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